this pretty much sums me up; lazy days and all

-when you wear slouchy cardigans or wraps,
they are less sloppy when they're in lux fabric or a cute print.

-fuck a new burnout tee. that seems silly.
ebay the shit outta older naturally burnt, shirts with rad bands or movies.
preferably heavy :]

-if your full on slob then your shoes can totally psych people out.
gold hardware looks expensive and clean/solid sneaks polish you up too.

-bleached jeans are rad. in, out, who gives a fuck.
jeans are always in, and in whatever style because not every body is the same anyway.
so jean fads or trends always make me giggle because they never really went away/started to begin with.
but again solid cleans it up and you can wipe resin on black jeans and no one knows.
except the K9.

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