here is where i brag

as time passes and i feel the crunch of life's goals on my back

i can sometimes sit back and enjoy the successes of friends

or just be so damned proud because they fucking slay at what they do

chrissy's at DVF today for a shoot etc, missy captures life like NO other

and today i present to you the sassiest boy you could ever meet

mr josh williams is so hot so funny so talented and an all around doll

he is out in la waiting to break out and put other bitches to shame

please shoot on over to his website and peep his fashion photography. now.

he'll even style the hell out of it if he has to


Lauren said...

Those are hot as hell.

I want that bathing suit.

And then I want that photo taken of me.

Josh said...

Awww RACH you are the best thank you so much for writing that about me. I'm actually about to do another shoot in 2hrs YAY wish me luck.