and can we talk about conrad's mustache? again?

look as a girl i know we have to pluck pick peel wax trim nip tuck shove hide
pull pinch and squeeze the shit out of every single inch of our body, but come on.
lauren conrad or the damn hill's makeup artist can try to conceal the giant discoloration
from the bitches upper lip! she never had this on the season's before.
and what is with all of their makeup while we go at it.
foundation lines rim all their chins and necks except for whitney i believe!


i actually watch it. and then even talk about it after.

i need to just work 24/7.

free time gives me the creeps

Dear Amy,

Please don't die.

I think I may know how you feel. sometimes.



how did these ChloƩ bags..........

go on without proper recognition???

i saw them included in a few spreads

but no accessories report or clutched between hungry fingers in razzi pics

because the straps alone are super luxe

sorry guys but i've got my eye on you

sartorialist win!

lady love to the RIGHT!

look at this dress!! and that beautiful YSL in that insane blue shade!! the boots!!

friend's cute too, but righty has got that look down pat


while we take a step back

does anyone remember AKA still OBSESS over this bag as i do???????????

photographs just don't tell you how beautiful this leather studded slut looks in real life.
or on my arm for that matter. and that spinal cord row of metal brackets.
serving as a ton of tiny mirrors reflecting how hot you are :]

with some jeans. and a white tee. and those crazy boots featured below.
what a look that would make, eh? sigh

FENDI baguette

these oversized clutches from fendi with the beautiful stiching and colors!!

it'd be alot cooler if you did

home boy nate painted this on a buddy's surf board

'if a gummy worm and gummy bear got into a fight'


american apparel i cant quit you

this new city print top is KILLING me - i LOVE the cream color only

i have to order this and mark it with my twist soon

it makes me giggle to think of larger breasted women really stretching out the screened letters



sketchbook special guest 1

does this annoy anyone else??

in the fringe

today ALSO in nordstrom i put these on hold

beautiful neutral suede color with ankle skimming fringe lace detail

that just KILLED when i wrapped it around the OUTSIDE of my skinnies

im going back for them tomm and @ $110 i think they're a perfect 10

plus that high platform makes them super comfy


today i went to nordstrom and saw this fucking magic bag

beautiful super NEON pink leather with staple gun stiching and pink studs

very dope. very big. very MINE.



holy shit

and his "JERRY" sunglasses kill as well - excellent work


all these shoes with straps. zippers. ankle skimming sexy effects. suede's. snake skin's.

thick heels. black. dark green's. grey. gold accents. studs.

these are all such great qualities that i have longed for in shoes. and bags.

thank you

lets begin with another re-birth


you are so sexy sometimes i feel dirty even looking


i thought this was really going to take off

i thought i would post all the time and have a TON of beautiful pictures for all of you to 'oooh' and 'ahhhh' about

but as it usually does, some shit went down and i let go and then i forgot its name and password etc etc

but this 2009 season of fashions have truly given me the push that i needed

no one even reads this

not yet

i can't quit you

now i understand that the faint of heart or safety inspectors of the world may faint BUT come on!

these are statement shoes and they take guts to wear but man looks that kill are better than actually doing it, right?