Cushnie et Ochs s/s 2011

cape moss

more than this

big ups to mel & maggie for helping get my earrings out!
exclusively at florida craftsman gallery in downtown st pete
check out those dracula's kiss jawns. yee know.


holy red pants & ruffled coffee dress

thanks for asking

yves saint laurent roady hobo
day tripper tiered dress
seneca rising reversible mini. love.
anything from Nichole de Carle lingerie
marc jacobs ads 1998-2009 collection
luxirare's perforated genius mini STILL
stella mccartney bralette
new polka dot louboutins
givenchy fetish ankle boot


now off to housesitting with no cable or comp. i'm lovin it. nice to read some for once.
signing off to this beaut of a coat that i'm sure is not cos but very well the burberry it knocked.


casual bike ride takes a turn for the pleasantville!
downtown straub park having a car show and blaring the golden oldies.
then the flowering trees parted and there she was. my '57. thee chasing amy for sure.
one day. with that bench seat a pimp c tape and a cool breeze - smilin


makin me chuckle ehhryday! luh luh luh miss man repeller
she will be guest bloggin over at luckymag.com nov 15-19! prudes rejoice!!


knew tati'd go big

damn givenchy the best outa the bunch too. shortsfeathersallday.