jak&jil wet dreams

rodarte boots that won't die from my greed list, poly's locks and purse chain duo & that girls back. duh.

thank you fashionrising for these W scans

this W spread included all the hot looks from each designer. fuck yeah!

my personal choice pulls from them. ughhh rodarte. versace mini's.
fendi wrapping. miumiu magic. fuck. fuck. fuck.


hot for teacher

being a tutor at a vietnamese school i get that undaground hookup. hallelujah homemade back!

fuckin wrapped in the bag they came in - no fuss kinda shit.

bedroom beaches, kool-aid hair & moto jeans


biebel has a twitter yo - worth the lame points with all those pictures though

boy is definitely close to cool breeze status. yum

lara stone in gypsy girl, vogue uk jan 2010