this is way fun

little red riding hood - camping - sassy secretary - gianni versace

the glasses: www.emmanuellekhanhparis.com

the shoes: jimmy "SWOON" choo

there is always a shadow

viktor vautier is here

i really like some if his imagery

i enjoy these more than the white-drop-impromptu-shoots

birds of a feather


rock them UNDER the sheer shirt OVER the sheer bra

i did this today and enjoyed it so much


inspire me

cry-cry baby



my mouth dropped. they come in nude too. beautiful bitches.

and i still really like these colorful chainy chloes

perfect for spring brizzeak


and i flip my shit because

chrissy does the cat eye purrfectly

and nicole makes me love it. all of it.

car show, ocala fl

im going to marry a greaser. i have known this and is now more confirmed than ever.

viva la pompadour!!


my, um 'scans'

fliping through a stack at barnes and these are what caught mein eye

that DAMN proenza dress. it almost falls like a jumpsuit!

off duty poly

i really cant get over those little cheeky bones!

tiny girl with a big serious ass walk!

her one heel stuck into the floor at the victoria secret show and she just tip-toed the rest of that runway

got 7:01?

natasha poly is so cute!

her bone structure kills me and i think this video gives us a nice little look at her!

p.s. im LOVING thee commercial break music!

come fly with me

its as if i dont even have to explain this

lit up hot pink sexy time shower



what a drag

speckled feather by miss k, kaleidescope romper by samantha pleet, cut out dress by sophomore

will not pretend to be your friend

clockwise from top left: FENDI
court, Sergio Rossi elastic and PVC, tribal Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo pink leather 'poppy', Acne ‘Facette 2’, Cynthia Vincent Suede Lace Up Strap, Estrada High 1

and im so partial to those sergio's its not even fucking funny. electric teal with a zipper up the heel. holy. shit. balls.

* jane - im a bit curious about these fendi's - they are amazing and yet so much like the stellas

what do you think? they do have a heel zipper as well. sigh.



dear friend

my sweet friend jeanne sent me these very special buttons

what a treat today!!

HA - this does look like weed, but its this supercute mossy stuff!!

she may be my new one

that freja has that bad ass mug im drawn to. i love it.

just look at the runway looks she gets. perfect.

no worries though , kate is like diamonds.


some of her best outings from my archive


amber rose

the ONLY props i will give to a glorified stripper

because those damn LV's on her twinkle fucking toes