really reallyyyyyyy feeling all of this. i think it's some random topshop runway board, perhaps.
summer 2011 is all sheer maxi's with old tees. comfy hot. comfy. hot.

and whatever ropey pouch belt and sick strappy stacks those are- I NEED.

and for once, some daily inspiration

let's just say it's really on the wall................ watch yo stalls


the bags of summer 2011 or Ray told me so

Victoria Beckham
Kara Ross

Michael Kors
Louis Vuitton

Jerome Dreyfuss (he really went ALL out)
Givenchy babies duh


Donna Karen

Diane Von Furstenburg


Alexander Wang

ughhhhh james franco at the sag awards

rich, clean cuts of YSL


No less inspiring as the years have passed, meaning so much to me still.

Still the trillest fella to walk on by.

*and i'll say trill wheneverthefuck i want. nigga was from h-town and was just that.


via fashionisto



Burak Uyan

and root beer barrel shots(!) is how you get there.

they'll so be the death of me

what's happening here?

lil leopard, lil tonality

i'm feelin it - now let's get warmer


mason by michelle mason

wassup hat?

wassup hair???

serious situations via


breaks my mf heart

my copy's split in half :/ i love this damn record


You are being paranoid as fuck. But to answer your question
I was a teenage rap fan in New Jersey in 96-97-98.
I was playing basketball, buying records and jerking off. In that order.
- noz being funny


where all the fellas in Kris Van Assche at?? F/W 11

or some bottega?? looks like it may just be the face for me.....

nawwwwww. everyone needs a goodfellas suit