yeah i just watched it. i miss the cars, the cars that go boom.

long story short my boy scubas finally finishin out ringling. hung out last week and of course he has all these jacked keys for the studios.
in particular the printmaking labs. sigh. hasn't changed a bit. it was empty and the natural light filtered only through half-closed blinds.
it really was something to be in there again, like that. only class i diligently worked in wether it be homework or just practicing new techniques.
they were always kinda quiet anyway, especially at night but this was fuckin awesome. pics courtesy of my tour. love the berry flicks don't hate.


watchin that lunar eclipse, drinkin all your cocoa.
it was pretty damn red & beautiful.


let us cheers to vintage. that is all.

i can't handle it. it's damn adorable! lucky ass sprinkles!



patch of hope on the way to work
my favorite part


Nina Ricci and Bec & Bridge

Maison Martin Margiela hoodness too.

Fl be cold!


west palm weekend sparkle jarkle engagement party & my dream loubou's on my feet. finally.
under the clear roof tent we shared open sushi/bar and seahorse luge. whipped cream vodka say wha??
tom & meghan will be the coolest couple hitched yet.