chelsey & tracy

i definitely thought of you getting dressed today

over and over again

i can't help it - look at that beautiful shape!!

pretty excited for this term's looks. she had me at chubby clubby.

kindred spirits. turning it all around. growing up. moving on.


where is bridget hall??

i used to love her look and W covers

i'm loving this bob btw.

it took so long but i really want to hack off the mane.

maybe i'll wait for missy to braid it a bunch though ;]

Pour some misery down on me

photographs by muah

well i was just put to muthafuckin' shame


holy moly this girl just blew my mind.

she made those lace up pants that look like anne d's for legs

plus, tough with missoni thrown in...... DUH


coral and laborodite dangle earrings.

made by yours truly.

a sneak peek at what is to come

old hematite and garnet stars. woo woo!
sometimes i don't know where to start.
other times i wish i could put a lid on it. people really creep me out.
the way they walk around in public.
i like to pretend i'm rowdy.
but really i'm a kitty in a panther suit.

nice shoes. wanna style?

most recent looks. definitely summer oriented - love all the suits!

zimmerman, chloe, wildfox & wrangler come to mind. don't forget SPF

i know i'm obsessed. o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. what are your feelings??

cuff by Acne by Michael Zobel & Other Designers [brands name] Ring

lots of color and lots of gold. doesn't have to be polished. you already are.


Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

i like when things come around. like how i was scanning for more witchy pics.

i came across more and more of these two and their work.

i definitely see the familiarity with their work and i LOVE it.

kind of dark, very dramatic and always very very sexy.

google some fabulousness and thank me later for the trip

wasn't expecting you

so early ... let me throw on something a bit more comfortable

viktor vaughn gives somethin for the ladies today

fuck the pictures, the name reps mad villainy and he has fantastic planet

potholes in jamaica

i'm really all over this song. i want his gifts.

started with stevie

black and white sex

i wont speed, ill drive slow


when its a hit.......

kat von d looks like such a pretty, bad ass.

but i know she can get kind of weird with the leather and shiny

but some of these new ones look like she has been reading ;]

nikki six? NO BUENO. but this pic.

this pic made me find jimmy choo jerry's

they are still for sale but even cheaper now

but i love her. so cute.

seems down to earth and reminds me of a few bestys


egmont key

what i want to wear for the trip..........

but this is what's goin on marvin

where else would you find me??