hey boy hey


wait for christmas? shiiiiiiiii i buy for me 365.

you're solid gold. i'll see you in hell


push ups


i guess you mo top knots 'n stir fry then i thought. FUCK.


early treat to myself. go locate & smell me


we can cope with our friends though:
c.wise from top l: balmain, louboutin, wang, wang, balenciaga

ok i'm having to shave way too frequently now. want this back asap


ohfuckyeahfatal. too bad i will miss them. AGAIN. so if your in st. pete or close enough there is no excuse.
(i will be in ra-chacha, ny surprising the living hell out of the g-rents)

yeah. it is unavailable. cuz your girl copped it. c'mon with the quickness germany.

don't fret mah stems we got the opaques

stop it right now and go look at Jayne's newest creation w/ MATI HARI bags.
there's a chance for you to win one and pictured above is my favorite, the OLIVIA.