does this mean a movie?

this is very exciting and look at that beautiful shot.

this book took me places. that book was magical.

his little room?????

back to stretching and clint

umm well this is just friggin awesome

ive been tryin to put spinach on everythang and walk in the morning & bike at night

because i love bare leg-ankle boot days


gahhahahahah - this picture of k-fag is KILLING me

what does he have under there!?!? did he steal a bunch of shirts??

or better yet, does he really think he needs a bullet proof vest?!?

amazing. i love all the wangsters of the world.
i like finding 'vintage' from the 90's & early 2000's. its called vintage right?? is 2000's?? ha

the carlos falchi snakeskin fold over-y bag looks awesome! i love tassles, straps and ties.

then those dior's. they are so over-the-top awesome. now, you have to wear these right.

no you cannot wear a hilton-flowery-chiffon dress with these. too much rich whore goin on.

but with some bleached jeans and solid tank/tee and people are all like wow you look cool cute etc etc

definitely not least the bamboo heel and satin gucci's. ugh. ever since that campaign which i believe is from '04????? came out i have not forgotten. the campaign was awesome anyway.

luxe luxe luxe and all in a tropical setting. thank you very much!

my beloved missbehave magazine will be ALL digital after March 09 issues hit.

i get it.

taking out the print saves alot of time and money - and with that they can include even more
goodies in each release.

i dont give a fuck.

i like to get my magazines. to hold them. to tear out. to frame. to stack like stylish trophies.

and i think with them trying to shove more stuff in these web-zines, WE will get quantity over quality.

mini vay-cay OVER

roused, this is what my sleepy eyes were adored with


no excuses

off duty models should have good taste. fucking duh! or anyone in the field for that matter (last, right)

these 3 looks are great and have really kept to clean classics.

a little trip from the magic gold stud/eyeliner throwing fairy couldn't hurt either though

want need want need want need

ABS fringe earrings, Le Métier de Beauté eyeliner

its like a felt tip marker for your face. need it.

charlotte olympia heels. need. tassles? leopard with hot pink?!

there had to have been a creative design call with me while i was sleep talking. seriously.

definitely leaving the phone outside from now on.

raf simmons for eastpak. ok. ray loves a trip.

especially only weekend bag-needing trips. hey! i cant commit ok?

these look really clean though and like they wont break
after i shove my 15 pairs of shoes, weeks worth of clothes,
camera, magazines and lil keke for a 2 day trip. i guess thats a need as well.


outlaw country

thoroughly enjoying ELLE's editorial - just check that first topshop jacket! awesome!

i think i enjoyed it so much because trish goff is the model! besides moss she was my 90's fave!

one i will watch

anne valérie Hash

Bernard Tartinville

and his beautiful work


ooooooooooooohhh whats this?!

i want dat.

supposedly stuffed full of 160 ingredients of rare iris absolute and bulgarian rose etc etc

save judi rosen

shop up here girls

because her current spring '09 line is on financial hold

i will help her buy getting this

like i need one more leopard piece

gotta love the b-boy

where was he at ringling?


the port authority

these boots are the shit - those pants are the shit

whitney mixes it up enough for me and how!


around the fur

this is lil' kim for the film notorious

i dont know mayne


all those soft colors and textures!!!! fucking skinny harem! skinny harem!?!?

wish that was faux. f-u-c-k

i | Phó

2009 cover time

all in white too - hmmmmmmmm

still waiting

sofia for louis - the campaign, the cleanliness

loves it


do you take thee miss van?

i DO!

beautiful wooden pins in an engraved leather pouch

limited edition of 40................... FUCK

buy me one or both here thanks

black and i are married,

but a man draped in crisp white stiffs the nips

these 5 guys cant be wrong either

BUT costumes you say?

even off set i think these gentlemen know what works


share and compare

they have come so far. picture texts are part of my daily life.
keeping ones far close and close ones closer.
an instance caught.
a fashion DO represented.
lovers kisses turning to files.

crystle and i mash up 1