thank you jak&jil

for showing me these

are you kidding me? fuck yea!


an old show still worthy

two words. bellwether gallery.

looks like it would have been one of my favorite shows in person ever. if i had seen it. in person.

curated by becky smith and conjuring up a whole mess of feelings on my end


urban splurgin'

no bra

so-fi-a (ahhhhhhhhhhh)

dear miss coppola,

how do you know what it is that i want/covet/feel/imagine????? huh???

of course you would be doing the new miss dior cherie campaign!! of course that is one of my fave-o scents!!

little birds say that a beautiful film will follow the print ads.

i'm already crying



still bitchin'

4 L's to the head and that debate and ADD and 7 layer burrito and fun and dresses and long hair


bowler hats

are really really stupid

speak of the streets

some graphic tee's are just that good that i can not wait to suck my tits into their ridiculously small sizes!

i talk shit. and i always question what miss m would do.


worship worthy online shop

ww is also an online blog that has opened a door for a small debut line

the whole line does not have me sweating but a tee or two would be a lovely present,

but i'm excited about what is to come - because these kids know what i like

mark my words the next series will probably be off the chain

see you there

next month i will definitely be going to this ricky powell street photography show. duh.
i love street wear. i love the streets. and i LOVE slick rick ;]


insane how we rely on you so........


i love the diamond shapes and how there all clustered together
AND the wonderful tinkling sound they make hitting each other


hottest thing ive seen in a long time


sartorialist win 2

this is a joke because i dont get why every piece of this look is not hanging in my closet

look at those leggings/pants/amazingness

looks comfy too

and hot really really hot


urban sweep that kills fall winter spring

moto, cashmere, embellishment, body con bandage

these pieces will last - we saw how they have risen again

missy roll

dan, bathing & michael, cat hair on his shirt 2008

my dear and beloved friend/sister/photographer/idol missy roll had the above portraits chosen from her new body of work, the basement to show at Art Basel Miami 2008.

Her work is so thoughtful and beautiful and so real you may just see yourself.

the snowball effect

right after typing fleetwood mac i realized i needed to debut miss nicks to this blog

she has been an inspiration of mine for a very long time

the throaty voice, the whispy layers, all the black, all the glamour, all the witchy fun!

ok, i'm not even done panting over Fall '08

and then Loeffler Randall has to go and release their SPRING 2009 lookbook


matte red lips too. nice.


its playing fleetwood mac

i died

also watched sex. again.

it makes me miss new york so much. and me yearn even more to sit at bryant park one day.

carrie's payphone get up is perfect. quirky lolita.

i want Pommes Frites and st. marks STAT.