Дурное Влияние - Сейчас

"i wish return to the 36 chambers never ended i could stay there forever" - noz


boys boys boys


not the first to re-post mr. tommy ton's beautiful 'my favorite
things' from miss centenera but holy shit. warm colors all
around and suede and mesh and auburn and jeans and those
damn givenchy booties. so. damn. good. enjoy them all here


'hydronymphus andersenesis, classification: extinct' 2010


Nicole Desiree Hays
Julie Dye
Erin Johnson
Frank Bowman
Robert Dunlap
Eli Cannon
Alex Gluek
Bonnie Neal
Sarah Gail Hutcherson
Rachel Weirich
Sadge Moore
Debbie Slowey
Justin Runfola
Brandy Stark
Jessica Ziegler
Melissa Shultz
Boo Ehrsam

17 amazing local artists, a great cause, and tasty treats

Friday August 6th, 7-9pm.


Realizing Media
Banyan Tree Coffee and Tea
Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

Come Find Me.

today's wants

conservation status? extinct?

anywho does rick owens