fuckyeah'can we kick it?'scenario - BB (that damn shirt), B&W's, Valentino's Court (enough to make me start a 'what a shoe' count) & a '62


my 'going to tropicana stadium wed. night to watch shit get fucked up' look

wang, supertrash, veggie varisty, & wang

* an update:

get wet


guess what? the glass is half fucking alone.



you see the mask gimmie the jacket and the high tops (giuseppe zanotti!!!!)
Deborah Pagani Grey Moonstone & Diamond Warrior Ring, Monique Péan Tahitian Pearl Ring


cast of vices nod to bodegas w/ their leather shopper.

this is pretty tongue in cheek and i luh dat

'female blood', jamel shabazz

softness in look, feel and palette from doo.ri spring 2012

fendi spring 2012 details


can appreciate a good deco dress: drop waists and fringe or sequins to fly around while you shake your ass.
feather caplet is fucking ridiculous too and i would rock the shit out of. remember this?

good looks frida. gucci spring 2012

sass and bide spring 2012. sucker for mullet cuts always
Guess I need to quit sleepin (being lazy as shit) on that eXquire and just get it already.
(And pretty sure Mr. Brown has pushed a little hate out of my heart and made a nice little spot for himself there)
thanks PTP


buona notte


"i must have been off rolling a joint somewhere when all the good guys got doled out."

-mroll taking the words right outta my mouth

what a dress # 23

draped and knotted slinky cuts sometimes topped with structured leather.
i knot off maxis all the time; changing the shapes and lengths dramatically,
then throw second skin leather for structure on top and I'm sold.
let's see what stylists whore these out.


nyfw breakdown begins - at my mf pace okay?

i will start with my personal jesus, olivier theyskens spring 2011

drop waist dresses, double waist band denim(?!) and many, many coats cropped, draped & shirred.
this is the girl you want but is pretty much on another level... try to do work though, she may surprise you.

p.s. jayne you totally need bottom left pants in acid pink/ecto cooler wash m'kay