minus the STUPID hat

sonia rykiel usually hits the nail head right on

this resort collection is really cheeky & i love it

playsuits, silks, great pants & stripes

the styling is the perfect touch with the ankle fishnets

and her great bags, but pleaseplease lose those hats

i really only like a floppy thin beach straw or those dramatic net-over-eye flapper johns

the finish on those blue silks at the ankle................



go to your happy place



and books i have not read

on my fuckin .

and all i want is funny shit, my pillow top and an iced c.macchiato w/ soy & light ice


but i aint mad at it

this en vogue comes back home tomorrow!!!!


sooooooooooooooooo excited



the ONLY look

from vacca f/w 2009

the ONLY look

i liked from zac posen fall 2009

all of the other pieces truly looked ill fitting


my poly closet

topshop pelmut skirt

thank you for being a friend

just another young nagga havin thangs

loree rodkin, mcqueen, miss selfridge, pedro garcia

nice shoes..

seriously vaughn - ya got any ugly friends??

can we get more of these shots btw please & thanks?


Chloë in Chloé & just Chloé [resort 2009]

that look is perfectperfectperfect