ferragamo fish scale tied up goodness

missoni earrings resembling exactly how i want my ears pierced. amazing.

insane membrane giles & brothers antique necklace

sensing a slight subconscious spring craving goin' on here


when your skies are blankets

its hard to see you

to go with the leatha of course

insanely hot support for the girls from damaris 'bourbons' line

hood threat hood threat hoochy mamma

jackets: balmain, unknown, theory & hanii y

graumann top, halston boots & maison close suspenders

taco truck essentials obviously

right down to the smoked out lids. this is all so so so hot

it's always such a treat for me when the whole shoot is perfect.

daniela jung tore the styling tip up!
oh like a bajillion loooonnnggg islands last night.


but i did car-ok 'everyday im hustlin'. ya heard


the baddest bitch

damn girl. where you get those lace-up jawns at??

hope to get a furry croppy thingy before nyc dec 10 trip

holla holla

hey cuts and details

via fashionrising



cut your

toenails gurrlll"

pull my hair

love this color

eat your vegetables


listening to some aaliyah and making families in mah mind. L rollin' dream rooms huh?

funny how black became the new black

teeth via fashion smokes


caroline's hot yo. this outfit kills

have fun with that over here