all heart & stole. peta shut up. prada spring 2011, details.

elie saab spring 2011

minkoff ehhrryyythang. we 80 already - miss you winter


my new baby - thee 2 strap Tonne, all black/python ehhhrryythang.
i'm usually a gold hardware girl but this bitch had me at helloooooooooo

"i care if i do something that's special" me too gurl, me too..


havin thangs

ultimate sassy time sweater by ralph lauren in cashmere silk & lace.
my boyfriends, via yimmy


Jerome Dreyfuss Momo Small calf hair and python shoulder bag. what the truck dreams are made of.


it's not just about abortions obviously, which i know is the real reason the righters want to shut them down,
but just think of all the STD screenings, counseling, free rubs and many other contraceptives that are available -
being ripped away from the many younger generations to come and the ones now! they need it the most!
HIV talk is smaller these days but still a problem. same ol' STD's are around and these kids aren't really aware.
especially if they want to stop sexual education in schools too. i just wish everyone could mindtheirownfuckingbusiness.
please go HERE and sign the petition. thank you. care and share too.


so good you should know


can never go wrong with:

agent provocateur, a fat braid, bed robes or leopard, boots,
fringe, minis, daul + her hair ever & that giles dress (holy shit)

azzedine alaïa [mini panther print] & valentino

'try & makes' this week: green tea cupcake, chocolate coconut pecan oat cookies, sweet potato quiche

if you don't Tasteologie you missin out

stirrer from atypyk


waddup Eklips

to all my greater Berlin area readers, SEMI DOMESTICATED is a very unique space; both boutique and gallery,
showing and selling hand-crafted, upcycled and vintage furniture, clothing and accessories.
please go for me and thanks in advance, they're good peeps.

[shown are the ghost-gum necklaces]

and speaking of drugs - these DO the job. every time. and both smell awesome.