you have to get these now. they melt yo

for your BFF or whoever deserves it

any girlfriend who slides you one of these this year really, really cares. about you.

nastygal giftcards. fucking amazing.


oh. herrrrrrrrrrr.

i'm admitting these are the best looks

google marios schwab

and let your eyes fuck the screen

look at these fabrics!!!!!
its even better when they just do a montage of her

watched this for the first time tonight

faces with scars and reddened cheekbones!


'08 winter wish list

revlon's midnight affair, 50 uv essentiel, le labo custom scents, ford's white patchouli

rules and stuff, stay in cuixmala in mexico, a/w 08 de la renta magic dress, asos sass heel

oh and this guy:

chiffre rouge dior


oh, hello

good morning!


nyc this thursday

see you here

and here

hopefully here


and bagelsmith on bedford. their tofu cream cheese.

you have not had a bagel until you have it like that.


deleted fashiontoast. it is just too much for me.


happy birthday lover



you must see these designs.

lookbook s/09 is nuts. beautiful work.

it is

raining out and a full moon

fuck the book - hello dreams



leggings crush with boots and coats and hot chocolate and winter wonderland park walks. whew.

secret obsession: agent provocateur

i always check their site to see what's next

and this time they go and have a pirate theme. jezuz.

look at the pieces here. i'm actually in love with that nude body suit above.


so i had to work 'hang out' night

i drew her and she colored. she loves it.

smoke & shop days are my all time

snagged these yesterday at the amazingness that is known as a nordstrom's sale. yes.

ive been throwin around hot topic-grommet thoughts BUT

with jeans and a tank. they rule ass. especially at ladies night last evening.

if this was not stupid expensive bath crap

i would have a bajillion jars stacked up

try this stuff. love it. you will want a bajillionz jars too.

zippers are neat

thank you for your revisited design gideon sundback. i know it was all you ;]