miss anna dello russo

all the beautiful portraits you now have of yourself
he can shoot anything so beautifully here

loves you and thanks you everyday i look!!


speaking of $$$ run

my homegirl miss roll isn't new to the taco truck at all

bitch is ill as shit and is personally my favorite photographer. ever.

sorry nan.

go HERE and fall in love with life all over again.

i never get tired of it...................

pretty sure blondie's givin the brunette a run for the money

viktor vaughn - pimpin aint easy

hell yeah ellie

i believe i looked for this video for awhile and came up empty handed???

maybe it was another love-ly song. either way this is probably one of my favorites. really.

right at 1:45..... ughh..... my step dad used to have this beautiful white fender

i would come home from middle school and slap a slip on and kick up one foot onto that amp

burn the mirror and pretend pretend pretennnnnnddddddddddddddddddddddd

p.s. please mr. S bring me a shredder on this

acapulco gold makes the sickest wear. i got this shirt for lunchbox one christmas before

haul. her.


to daddy with love

funny, strong, #1 handyman and smarter than he thinks

i had fun zapping bugs with you today
im pretty indifferent with sienna. don't hate her, but don't love her

but about six times a year she stops me in her tracks with a look

studs forever and ever. even after you have let go

this shirt is so money. oh kate. the great.

check out this SITE girl's sassy

chanel land applicants

and how we get there


i'm such a creep


he's legal. this one is barely legal. the other ones a grown ass man.

feeling creepy and would love a mr big and a real date
at home i keep a bucket in the tub now

it catches the waiting-to-get-hot water

can be used on plants or water dishes

blazed & contempt

just in case



i was at this boutique the other day and the 3 things i chose to try on were white

no creams or sands or washes. bleached ass white.

i need to get laid

this dior is attractive, no?? something about it.....

pillow tops for life. really. would you ever leave that???????

and this beautiful shot is from BCBG cruise 2010. i love it all.

brain drain no more!

i really really will try and track those shoes down

OR buy two cheap pairs and do-you-know-what.......

also i agree that a few of balmain's space dresses were silly

yes kate that dress was too fem bot and it ripped anyway

but a thin super washed leather jacket will stand the test of time

that jacket is hot as fuck

actually, all these items would not have a chance to date dust



vintage yves saint laurent

i thought copying all tags was clever.

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(1)i should have photo chopped out those bear paw slippers tho
(1)i still want to throw some studs somewhere though
(1)i totally agree but so glad before 10 is cool because i love me some sweats
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(1)thank you M.I.S.S. Crew Blog me love you long time (1)thank you so very much tabatha
(1)thank you so very much tobaccoandleather (1)thank you thank you (1)thank you uffie
(1)thank you vice for everything i love you (1)thanks justjared (1)
thanks MISS CREW for showing me the light xoxoxoxo
(1)thanks to the selby bralettes and toiletries (1)thanks www.missomnimedia.com
(1)thats the last header? LOL (1)THC (2)the $1830 difference alarm (1)the aa sexuali tank
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(1)The Hills (1)the hot shit list (1)the hyatt (1)the math again is $145 vs $1095 (1)the misfits
(1)the real zipper king (1)the sartorialist (1)the selby (1)the slash
(1)they still have their piercings. amazing (1)thigh high boots for everyone............ or just me
(1)this song is good (1)timeless (1)timmy woods (1)top 4 outfits that i really want to fucking wear right now
(1)top it off (1)topshop and siwy denim (1)tory burch (1)tough luck (1)turquoise
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(1)weekend fun of boys cars shoppin steak and eggs styling (1)wet
(1)whack color hair piece that i LOVE (1)when your baked you sleep excellent sometimes
(1)where can i meet the hair stylist for this shoot????? (1)where have all the mad scientists gone??
(1)which i'm definitely rocking now (1)who cares (1)who cares who she took
(1)wifey (1)wildflower (1)wine and cheese (1)winter nips (1)winter time baby
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YLANG|23 is off the chain and so is that beach bum pullover (1)you dont like it cuz its good
(1)you have to be nice to kitties (1)you know the source (1)you should own or get knee/thigh high boots
(1)you so so should (1)YSL amazing sweatshirt jumpsuit (1)YSL frozen sperm bank (1)yum-me (1)
Yves Saint Laurent (4)zero marie cornejo (1)zimmerman bikini
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