hey boy hey


wait for christmas? shiiiiiiiii i buy for me 365.

you're solid gold. i'll see you in hell


push ups


i guess you mo top knots 'n stir fry then i thought. FUCK.


early treat to myself. go locate & smell me


we can cope with our friends though:
c.wise from top l: balmain, louboutin, wang, wang, balenciaga

ok i'm having to shave way too frequently now. want this back asap


ohfuckyeahfatal. too bad i will miss them. AGAIN. so if your in st. pete or close enough there is no excuse.

yeah. it is unavailable. cuz your girl copped it. c'mon with the quickness germany.

don't fret mah stems we got the opaques

stop it right now and go look at Jayne's newest creation w/ MATI HARI bags.
there's a chance for you to win one and pictured above is my favorite, the OLIVIA.


mah girl Yuri Shimojo

i see you seein' me


THEYSKENS' THEORY - the Monaz crepe coat



Phillips Frankel earrings in LEOPARD(!?!?!?!?!?) Jasper

must incorporate this stone immediately into earring gang


when bauhaus janet GFK the meters the banshees the commodores miss ross
miss jones evelyn king tupac css misifts roy ayres and so much more get wet

' and yet, not so inviting after all ' 2011. lace, on pins & needles



you would be 28 today. i miss your ninja ass so much.

. .... .. ... . ..... .. ...... .... ........


whey yee at billaayyyyyyy???



LuĆ£, Karo & Meritza by Michael Donovan for Vision China
spring summer shine forever


what a dress #22

so ready to dust 'em off.

'picture me clappin'

thee ONLY slayer. ever.


background. brainstorming. tempo matching. stud finding sunday off kind of magic making.
needle dropping the ohio players- now braid up roll up and roll out fuckyeahweather#
look at you girl. look at that fucking sex on a shoe stick. and how you paired it with those modest skinnies?
that daring metallic leather mullet that can pull off in times of need as a lil baby tray??
just look how savvy you are! we're all so proud! wang bang thank you mayne!


"kiss the ring"

Jayne. the boss of all bosses.
suit? so good. jacket?? CHUT UP

gonna be so good - ready to wow and resuscitate


fun with excess. the Valentino lace(!) pashmina. please&thankyou

The PTP Boys pullin' in another night of live broadcasts for all the rap heads out there
sick of sifting through the bullshit - go download the live shows here and enjoy the dedication.


fuckyeah'can we kick it?'scenario - BB (that damn shirt), B&W's, Valentino's Court (enough to make me start a 'what a shoe' count) & a '62