denver locking down YSL retro for the only stateside stop.


i tell you all the time

and some LUVAJ


rieder with a backslide flip right into my heart


fur real fur real


two favorite indulgences. (besides the obvious keef makers) good pillows and candles. that leather ergo?? by the bulk yo.
also, any of voluspas heavier scents, that damn italian blood orange from red flower and seda france's french tulip travel tin.

i don't ask for a lot. i don't even ask for the dirty dirty, but please.............

slow down


hello allison. alo jamie.

intimate. super close. chemistry. best show in so fucking long.

and they played thee one:

le matin.
le soir.

tous les jours.

hetero life partner nate greco's LITTLE BASTARD piece goin in big for KUSTOM MAGAZINE FRANCE.
cool. now gimmie me that shit to put over my bed in the new pad brotha!