dont change the chanel

chanel iman is such a super cutie and from what i know does not have a stylist

but again, your a fucking model. with that shit at your finger tips, girls better be kickin

what a coincidence!

so biba for topshop below huh?

well this is goodwill for today.

adorable 80's working girl wrap skirt made into strapless dress.

its all silky comfy and flowy

and at $5 ill take fittty!

i want to take a cute full body pic later

how is everyone today??

stone faced

truly love miss lara stone's face.

her eyes that mouth that gap

intense. this image totally reminds me of nightofthelivingdead



click it


this place is gonna blow up like shaken bud heavy

look love and become familiar now

before your grandmother beats you to it


i crack myself up

this exact thing was posted a couple months ago:

that DAMN proenza dress. it almost falls like a jumpsuit! "

fast forward to what i just realized only moments ago......

ummm FYI dumb ass ray - IT IS A FUCKING JUMPSUIT!!!!!!

i want it so much more now. want. more. now. now. want. more. more. more.

also missbehave mag pretty much does blow my ass now, i mean they will
always have some cool shit to post about and a super hot layout here or there.
but the attitude is gone. print is gone. morrison gone. DILF gone. they fucking
ask what 'we' want to read about. duh fucktards. what you want to tell us.

and i have been meaning

to post about this riff raff

BIBA for TOPSHOP - i love this little dress and its print

some people said "ew looks like bacteria!"

i say what the hell is wrong with that?

bacteria. animal print. hell even the keys :]

had to hit up the keys right quick

surprise birthday camping weekends in bahia honda was exactly what i needed!

i think people dont get out enough anyway - you can fit LOTS in a long weekend


peek a boo

look how cute kate is playin with the photogs

i would love to share a fag with her real bad

and have her tell me who has the smallest


disco ball of the century. or ever.

please pay your respects to the late Shawn Mortensen, R.I.P.

by going HERE and enjoying his beautiful photography

the page is wonderfully clean and easy on the eyes

many icons and beautiful imagery passed through those lens

thoughts go out to you and those surrounding

watch everything she does

because look how timeless this damn bird is. this is probably 40 yrs ago

i think i could see an editorial like this today! bridgette bardot makes teeth sweat.

the bed, the hair, the sparkly thigh highs! and that makeup. sweet sweet makeup.

a possibility

Vans Vault 2009 Summer Lvevi Pack

holy crap these white leather high-top hotties may get dealt with

you led me on


N is so cute.


just wish jane was my BFF4E or my sister


she is just too cool for school and cannot get over her [and mothers] impeccable taste in vintage

the key is how you throw them together as well, but a closet full of runway shoes helps ALOT

just look at those ann d's. fuck.


judi rosen is back!

for a very limited time im sure @ bona drag

how cute is this little body con bustier zip dress?? i think very.


if i was goin to coach hella or whatever

i snagged this adorable little 1970's sun top today
ruche elastic top/bottom & hot magenta and purple
it is so unbelievably comfortable and adorable

like bloomers for my boobs :]

perfect for pants's camping b-day regalia next weekend


now the marc knock bag blew.

but these are so damn close and i love those louboutin's so much that this is a holy steal!

Dune Zinc Sandal vs Christian louboutin Deva boot

share & care

i love when girls dish about fave beauty 'must haves' im a product junkie. i buy what i may already have

"but the new one looked cool and smelled real good" its ok. we probably all have a lot of similar dialogue going on

the combination of Nivea Body Natural Tone Body Lotion for an Even Skin Tone SPF 4
w/ Nivea SOFT on feets, elbows and boobies with a spray of Sanctuary Body Spray is luxe city

my lover pants used to wear chanel platinum. no i dont rock a jock but this smells SO clean
mix with some heavy gucci sent and you have the perfect sneaky sexy smell no one can pinpoint

take mini candles when you travel. sneaky bathroom smells are taken care of and its posh.
my favorite are Seda France in French Tulip & Hyacinth. cute little gold tins a plus.

M-A-C's Penultimate eyeliner is a damn eye marker and pretty much fool-proof. swear it. best buy of 2009

stop being lazy and use eye cream/moisturizers. believe that it stops oil producing texas style
Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream is bomb. no shine.

throw some D's on it. i mean color. throw some color and your pretty much set.
a little bronzer hurts no one and sephora is cheap and smells nice.

the korres balm is also a buy-of-the-year. smells like faint rosewater and looks so kissable
every girlfriend tries it on insists on getting one it seems. thats awesome.

last but not least. emergen-c. WTF did i do before you. bye-bye cold!
need to fit in that dress this weekend?!? fucking drink your food this week bitch


cannot believe i forgot Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula and Red Flower products.

the blood orange body wash and mini candles will suck you in


for even thinking this could do

the real and VERY beautiful marc-jacobs-safari-pouchette-printed-bag

the okay-similarly designed topshop bag


whose your boss???

look at lady leah and miss tabatha

can i please do something for the most official office??????????

go here now and introduce yourselves properly

at the same time

check yes or no



summer teeth


felix orti

yes for me

thanks for the email net-a-porter

behold jil sander cruz fringed dress. fucking perfect.

running and punching someone for the money of this beauty

black knack bleach beach

thank you bellechantelle


forget the regulars

lose a few minutes or 60 at this lovely ladies page

insanely fashionable dj set party lipstick flicks to look at


look at this stoic ass image. like evita of the wax

love it

and screw those net girls

i cant help but post yet another mutha-mutha jak&jil image

but only shoes that i wanna sleep with. those only.

these givenchy's had me at first click. lace-up lace???

thats a dumb question with an easy answer

Givenchy Lace ankle sandals $840

wait, rewind that

because i was to busy looking at the stylist's work

some all time favorites - where the whole time i watched

no matter how traumatic the story, i wanted to look like them


this still cracks me up. its not even real almost.


no denying wildfox couture's BLOW up - but this is not a phase

the line is so damn comfortable and transcends the beduoir to the streets

in the best lolita with sun freckles way ever

so go to their several blogs and drool and what not and enjoy
i mean who doesnt pack a suit in the fold-over?????