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i love when girls dish about fave beauty 'must haves' im a product junkie. i buy what i may already have

"but the new one looked cool and smelled real good" its ok. we probably all have a lot of similar dialogue going on

the combination of Nivea Body Natural Tone Body Lotion for an Even Skin Tone SPF 4
w/ Nivea SOFT on feets, elbows and boobies with a spray of Sanctuary Body Spray is luxe city

my lover pants used to wear chanel platinum. no i dont rock a jock but this smells SO clean
mix with some heavy gucci sent and you have the perfect sneaky sexy smell no one can pinpoint

take mini candles when you travel. sneaky bathroom smells are taken care of and its posh.
my favorite are Seda France in French Tulip & Hyacinth. cute little gold tins a plus.

M-A-C's Penultimate eyeliner is a damn eye marker and pretty much fool-proof. swear it. best buy of 2009

stop being lazy and use eye cream/moisturizers. believe that it stops oil producing texas style
Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream is bomb. no shine.

throw some D's on it. i mean color. throw some color and your pretty much set.
a little bronzer hurts no one and sephora is cheap and smells nice.

the korres balm is also a buy-of-the-year. smells like faint rosewater and looks so kissable
every girlfriend tries it on insists on getting one it seems. thats awesome.

last but not least. emergen-c. WTF did i do before you. bye-bye cold!
need to fit in that dress this weekend?!? fucking drink your food this week bitch


cannot believe i forgot Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formula and Red Flower products.

the blood orange body wash and mini candles will suck you in

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feather hunter said...

your blog makes me smil! i effing love it