pleasant surprise

kathy grayson keeps me filled in on the up and up of art shit in nyc...

and in houston<3<3<3 and other countries..... and all that jazz.

i thoroughly enjoy her picture's commentary and her own art work and her boo is way cute

but HELLO she is nyc. designer central. and today we found her at proenza schouler

looking at that damn jumpsuit! coincidence? i definitely think not.

it wants my tits so bad it's reaching out in any place it can!

i will take two of each as my constant dancing may wear them down. and burn holes

remember the obsession unfolding HERE or HERE????


kelse said...

okay wowww, i freaking love sequins and am loving everything about this post x

call me glitter, little deer said...

sequins are the best i think today i mUST buy something sequined haha.

Jeanne Ciasullo said...

forget the sequins !!! the BUCKLE!!!! the best part! wtf!

Anonymous said...