i'm the one

i was born in the dirt i never had no home and the places i've lived you don't wanna know
but if you wanna hear evil Just come a little bit close

i was a snake-eyed boy And at the age of five I made love to the howl of the wolves
with a dark haired girl, So if you wanna hear evil Come a little bit close

She whispered in my ear Little boy you the one Set the world to rights
Make it tremble in fear, Do it one more time 'cause you're the one, you're the one

She said the path you walk Gonn' be hard one to tread 'cause the night is your only love
Lots of girls gonn' be hurt Said it's part of your fate 'cause you're the one you're the one

And I know my place In this life I ride And I know the things I feel
Ah burning deep inside, So if you want to meet evil I'm the one, I'm the one

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great photos!